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Severe Weather Arrangements

Arrangements in case of severe weather

As a fundamental principle, every effort will be made to keep the school open, even if only limited numbers of students can attend.  However we may need to close due to unavoidable circumstances. 


How will we let you know if the school is closed?

If we do experience severe snow/ice resulting in hazardous conditions, I may have to take the decision to close the school.  Once this decision has been made we will aim to post messages on our website by 6:30am, or as soon after as possible. We will also aim to send a text message to parents. We will update the website regularly to keep parents and students informed about arrangements for the following day.  We will also post information on the Kent Closures website.  Please visit www.kentclosures.co.uk.  Within minutes of the school posting information on the Kent Closures website, Kent radio stations will use this information to broadcast closures over the radio. The Kent Closures website can also be used to find out if other services in Kent are open or closed, such as nurseries, children’s centres and libraries.  Parents/carers may wish to sign up for text message alerts on www.kentclosures.co.uk – please be aware that there is a charge of 20p plus the standard network charge.  We will notify Heart FM (106.2) who will also broadcast information.                                                    


Even if the school is open, you may decide at the start of the day that the journey into school is not safe for your daughter/son.  Please can you then contact the school to report the absence in the usual way.  Your daughter/son should arrange for a “study buddy” to collect work and complete it as soon as possible.


Working from home

If the school is closed, students should continue to work from home where possible.  This could include completing homework, preparing for assessments, accessing subject specific websites, revising for examinations or reviewing work already completed.  Our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) FROG enables teachers to upload work for students to access from home when possible. 


School closing early

In case of severe weather which occurs during the school day, it may be necessary to release students early.  For example traffic conditions may deteriorate leading to the cancellation, suspension or changed timings of school coaches and/or public transport.  

If this is the case, we will put a message on the school website and contact the local radio stations above.  We will make every effort to contact parents, usually through students, for example via text message, to inform you before students are released. 


External examinations

Where possible, we will ensure that students sitting external examinations are able to do so, even if the rest of the school is closed.  However the health and safety of students and staff will be our prime concern at all times.  Messages on the school website and local radio stations will confirm the situation regarding external examinations.   


If you have any concerns or queries about the arrangements in case of severe weather, please contact the school.